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If you’ve got ideas, we can get them out there in a compelling way to the people who need to hear them. No matter how complex or controversial your subject, you’ve found your word nerd for hire.

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Editorial Content & Strategy

Generative AI is great for synthesizing information that already exists, but what if you’re trying to do something new and different? 

SLH Communications is behind impactful pieces appearing everywhere from geriatric medicine journals to Teen Vogue, and we’ve crafted remarks for everyone from CEOs to arts program directors. And it goes without saying that we can engineer a damn good AI writing prompt for any of these items, too.

What Does Editorial Content & Strategy Include?

If you work with us for editorial content & strategy, here are some examples of what that might entail: 

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Thinkpieces, op-eds, opinion essays–whatever you call them, they get attention, and they’re our bread and butter. We can help you write a killer op-ed and get it placed in a top publication for your audience. 

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If you’re a leader, one thing you don’t have is a lot of time to write remarks for a speaking engagement. We’ve got you covered. 

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Web Copy & Blog Posts

We’ll write web copy and blog posts that get your voice and mission right the first time, and make you sound like the talented humans you are. 

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Reports, Whitepapers, RfP Responses, & More

How do you translate reams of data or expert analysis into something that people will read and understand? Work with us on your next executive report, whitepaper, board book, RfP response, or other formal communications. 

How It Works

Every Editorial Content & Strategy client is different, but here’s (generally) what you can expect when you get started with us. 

Step 1

We do an in-depth kick-off meeting to determine your needs, goals, and audiences.

Step 2

If needed, we figure out a good roadmap for the type of content you need to be putting out there. 

Step 3

We write and revise.

Step 4

We see it through to the end, whether that’s pitching and placement or smoothing out any final wrinkles with your team to help get it published.

Need to get your original ideas out there?