Meet The Founder

Sarah Flocken has been called pretty much every name in the book as a public relations professional. After many years of learning what worked (and what didn’t) in Washington, D.C., she left the swamp and took that east coast approach back home to the best-sorry, west coast and launched SLH Communications.  

Having worked on campaigns spanning both coasts and the globe, she enjoys bringing a diverse portfolio of experience to partners nationwide—not to mention a healthy sense of humor and fresh way of thinking. Sarah’s work is guided by her philosophy that PR does not stand for “press release,” and she strives to build the trust and relationships needed to make every client engagement successful. Her professional achievements have been recognized multiple times by organizations including the San Diego Business Journal and the San Diego Press Club.  

Sarah also brings her whole self to her job. This includes the self that hosts Pundemonium! San Diego’s Only Pun Competition, and performs regularly with indie improv comedy teams. She thinks on her feet, reads the room, and understands what it means to be—and sound like—the most effective, authentic human you can be.

Headshot of Sarah Flocken, founder of SLH Communications smiling
Founder, Sarah Flocken doing improv
Sarah Flocken pointing to her award in the San Diego Business Journal
Founder, Sarah Flocken smiling after giving a presentation at a local coworking space
Founder, Sarah Flocken smiling with the audience she gave a presentation to at a local coworking space in San Diego
Founder, Sarah Flocken doing improv

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