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We’re not lobbyists, but we do make their jobs easier (and good results more likely). 

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Policy Communications

Our deep roots in both California and Washington, D.C. policy communications have given us the vocabulary and know-how to help you achieve your legislative objectives. While your lobbyist is hard at work using their influence and connections, and helping craft the actual policy you want passed, we’re amplifying their efforts by the letters to the editor, op-eds, newsletters, briefs, leave-behinds, floor remarks and other words that will sway the people in power. 

What Does Policy Communications Include?

If you work with us for policy communications, here are some examples of what that might entail: 

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Policy Communications Strategy

We’ll help you identify the most important key messages you need to stick to when talking to each of your target audiences, and develop talking points to help guide you. 

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Op-Eds and LTEs

Thinkpieces, op-eds, opinion essays, letters to the editor–they get attention, and they’re our bread and butter. We can help you write a killer op-ed or LTE and get it placed in a top publication for your legislative audience.

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Meeting Prep

Got a meeting with someone who could make a difference? We’ll give you media and speaker training, or run through your remarks and talking points with you, so you can put your best foot forward.

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Briefs & Leave-Behinds

How do you translate reams of data or expert analysis into something that people will read and understand? We can distill everything into an easy yet impactful brief or leave-behind.

How It Works

Every Policy Communications client is different, but here’s (generally) what you can expect when you get started with us. 

Step 1

We do an in-depth kick-off meeting to determine your needs, goals, priorities, and audiences.

Step 2

We develop a messaging strategy and figure out a plan for how we can work best with your policy experts.

Step 3

We draft all communications materials we can to have ready out the gate.

Step 4

We see it through to the end, whether that’s pitching and placement or smoothing out any final wrinkles with your team to help get it published.

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